Thursday, 9 April 2015


Pre Stream

1. Kittykitsune's Poll Choice - WINNER THE SIMPSONS HIT & RUN -

Kittykitsune streamed The Simpsons Hit & Run

2. Kittykitsune streamed Super Mario Sunshine

3. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Dragonball Z Budokai

4. Superconge Streamed Prinny

5. Superconge streamed Bleach

6. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Pacman World 2

7. Blazefur Streamed Ratchet & Clank 3

Day 1

8. Evildeadfan102 streamed Hyperdimension Neptunia

9. Shyguygamer87's Poll Choice - WINNER Shovel Knight-

Shyguygamer87 streamed Shovel Knight

10. Jessicayskull streamed Mario Kart 8

11. Kittykitsune streamed more Super Mario Sunshine

12. Gamemaster468 streamed Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy

13. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Kid Chameleon

14. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Sonic The Hedgehog 2

15. Automatoncreature streamed Sonic Lost World

16. Blazefur streamed more Ratchet & Clank 3

17. Shyguygamer87 streamed Strider

18. Evildeadfan102 streamed & Beat Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2

Day 2

19. Evildeadfan102 streamed Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

20. Kittykitsune streamed Super Mario Sunshine

21. Evildeadfan102 streamed more Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

22. Evildeadfan102 streamed Demos of (Do Not Fall, Rocket Knight & Alien Spidy)

23. Jessicayskull's Poll Choice - WINNER Pacman World-

Jessicayskull streamed Pacman World

24. Kittykitsune streamed The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker

25. Shyguygamer87 streamed & Beat Octodad Dadliest Catch
26. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman streamed 100% Orange Juice

27. Longhairgaming streamed Sleeping Dogs

28. Gamemaster468 streamed More & Finished Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy

29. Pondothemad streamed Army Of Two Devils Cartel

30. Blazefur streamed Uncharted Drakes Fortune

31. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Sly 2 Band Of Thieves

32. Kittykitsune streamed Fatal Frame 2

Day 3

33. Evildeadfan102 streamed & Beat Dead or Alive 5

34. Jessicayskull streamed Little Big Planet

35. Kittykitsune streamed more & Finished Super Mario Sunshine

36. Kittykitsune streamed more The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker

37. Jessicayskull streamed Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

38. Shyguygamer87 streamed Oddworld Abe's Oddysee New N Tasty

39. Gamemaster468 streamed Spyro The Dragon

40. Pondothemad's Poll Choice - WINNER Super Smash Bro's Brawl-

Pondothemad streamed Super Smash Bros Brawl

41. Pondothemad streamed more Army Of Two Devils Cartel

42. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed more Sly 2 Band Of Thieves

43. Shyguygamer87 streamed James Pond 2 Robocod

44. Jessicayskull streamed more & Finished Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

45. Jessicayskull streamed more Mario Kart 8

Day 4

46. Lottyangel4eva streamed Ni No Kuni

47. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Pikmin 2

48. Shyguygamer87 streamed more Oddworld Abe's Oddysee New N Tasty

49. Gamemaster468 streamed more and finished Spyro The Dragon 120%

50. Gamemaster468 streamed Edna& Harvey: Harveys New Eyes

51. Automatoncreature streamed Katamari Damacy

52. White Orbison's Poll Choice - WINNER Touhou 12.3 Unthinkable Natural Law 3 -

White Orbison streamed Touhou 12.3 Unthinkable Natural Law 3

53. White Orbison Streamed Awesomenauts

54. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Gaunlet Dark Legacy

55. Lottyangel4eva Streamed more Super Mario Galaxy

Day 5

56. Shyguygamer87 streamed more Oddworld Abe's Oddysee New N Tasty

57. Jessicayskull streamed more Mario Kart 8

58. Evildeadfan102 streamed Ratchet & Clank 2

59. Longhairgaming streamed more Sleeping Dogs
60. Evildeadfan102s Poll Choice - WINNER Super Mario 64 -

Evildeadfan102 streamed Super Mario 64

61. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman streamed Cook, Serve, Delicious

62. Automatoncreature streamed Beautiful Katamari

63. Automatoncreature streamed more Sonic Lost World

64. Pondothemad streamed Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time

65. Shyguygamer87 streamed more & Finished Oddworld Abe's Oddysee New N Tasty

66. Shyguygamer87 streamed more James Pond 2 Robocod

67. Lottyangel4eva streamed more Super Mario Galaxy

68. Evildeadfan102 streamed more Ratchet & Clank 2


Bonus Day

69. Lottyangel4eva's Poll Choice - WINNER Ni No Kuni-

Lottyangel4eva streamed more Ni No Kuni

70. RC3000 streamed Final Fantasy

71. RC3000 streamed Dragon Quest

72. Kittykitsune streamed more The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker

73. Kittykitsune streamed more Fatal Frame 2

74. Kittykitsune streamed Luigis Mansion

75. Automatoncreature streamed The Wolf Among Us

76. Shockfactor22 streamed UFC

77. Automatoncreature streamed Ratchet & Clank Wrench Only Run

78. Automatoncreature streamed more Katamari Damacy

79. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed more Dragonball Z Budokai 2

80. White Orbison streamed Noitu Love 2 Devolution

81. White Orbison Streamed Sunless Sea

82. White Orbison Streamed Fire Emblem Sacred Stones

83. Evildeadfan102 streamed more Ratchet & Clank 2 to end the event.


1. 5Daygamers7 was the first 5daygamers since 5daygamers3 to have Longhairgaming stream

2. The charity picked for 5Daygamers7 was Cancer Research Uk (This is the 2nd time it was picked as the first time was Five Day Gamers 1) and we raised a total of £205

3. This event brought back Kittykitysune who's last event was 5daygamers5.

4. Rc3000's only streams on this event were for the bonus day

5. This event went back to the old style of getting a bonus day which is to raise £200 by the end of day 5

6. This was the first 5daygamers since 4 to have no limit on what games could be streamed as 5 was the Playstation Vs Nintendo thing and 6 was Playstation ONLY.

7. This event had many problems and one of the biggest was that Twitch had many issues which resulted in 5daygamers having to stream on Hitbox with many streams.

8. This event had a pre stream making the Pre stream to No pre stream events - 4 - 3

9. Evildeadfan102 took part in 10 streams on this event however Kittykitsune took part in 11 streams making her the winner of this event with most streams.

10. 5daygamers7 marked the 2nd event to feature Shockfactor22 streaming.

11. There was 83 streams on this event marking it the most amount of streams to ever happen at any 5daygamers event.

12. The Amount of games that were beat on this event was - 7

13. The amount of streamers on this event is 16 and they are - Evildeadfan102, Jessicayskull, Kittykitsune, Shyguygamer87, Automatoncreature, Shockfactor22, Pondothemad, Jayfeatherfan12312, Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman, Lottyangel4eva, Superconge, Blazefur, White Orbison, Rc3000, Longhairgaming & Gamemaster468.

14. This event marked a name changes Aquaraine who was last involved with 5daygamers5 was changed to Kittykitsune.

5 Things This Event Was Known For!

1. Having To Use Hitbox

2. Kittykitsune because she helped out alot and took part in the most streams on the event

3. Longhairgaming's big return

4. Having an awesome background that was used in most streams

5. Kittykitsune and Chens Chats

                                   First Appearance Of!1. N/A

Highest Donation Of The Event - £30 by Jayfeatherfan12312

Amount Of Donations - 18

Date The Event Took Place - August 10th 2014 to August 16th 2014

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