Sunday 10 August 2014


Day 1

1. Evildeadfan102 Streamed & Beat Ratchet & Clank Into The Nexus

2. Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed & Beat Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zero

3. Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) Streamed WWE 2k14

4. Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed Mortal Kombat

5. Evildeadfan102 streamed Smackdown VS Raw 2010

6. Jessicayskull streamed & Beat Mary kate and Ashley Magical Mystery Mall

7. Evildeadfan102 streamed & Beat Flying Hamster

8. Superconge streamed Gitaroo Man Lives

9. Retom streamed Croc Legend of the Gobbos

10. Gamemaster468 streamed Spyro The Dragon

11. PondoTheMad streamed Dark Souls 2

12. Automatoncreature streamed Tomba
Day 2

13. Evildeadfan102 streamed & Beat Lollipop Chainsaw

14. Rc3000 streamed Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy

15. Jessicayskull streamed Mary Kate & Ashley Winners Circle

16. Jessicayskull Streamed Sonic 06

17. Evildeadfan102 Streamed Mugen Souls

18. Evildeadfan102 Streamed Flower

19. Gamemaster468 Streamed Spyro The Dragon

20. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman streamed Tony Hawk's Project 8

21. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman streamed Everybody's Tennis

22. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman streamed Patapon

23. Automatoncreature streamed & Finished Tomba, she then began streaming Tomba 2

Day 3

24. Evildeadfan102 Streamed Malice

25. Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed Clock Tower 1

26. Jessicayskull streamed & Beat Mary kate & Ashley Crush Course

27. Pondothemad streamed Dark Souls 2

28. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Sly Cooper Thieves In Time

29. KuramaCuntrysongandmegaman streamed Bleach Heat The Soul 7

30. KuramaCuntrysongandmegaman streamed Megaman Powered Up

31. KuramaCuntrysongandmegaman streamed Everybody's Tennis

32. Keybearer4 streamed Jak 3

33. Alex Cox streamed Armored Core: Master Of Arena

Day 4

34. Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed & Beat Crash 2

35. Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed Clock Tower

36. Evildeadfan102 streamed & finished Mugen Souls

37. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Katamari Damacy

38. Jessicayskull streamed & Beat Sabrina The Teenage Witch A Twitch In Time

39. Automatoncreature streamed Spyro 2

40. Blazefur streamed Uncharted 3

41. Automatoncreature streamed more Spyro 2

42. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Portal 2
Day 5

43. Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed Aladdin Nasira's Revenge

44. Evildeadfan102 streamed Portal Runner

45. Jessicayskull streamed Spyro 3 Year Of The Dragon

46. Evildeadfan102 streamed & Finished Malice

47. Evildeadfan102 streamed Sly Raccoon

48. Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed more Aladdin Nasira's Revenge

49. Superconge streamed Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

50. Gamemaster468 streamed more Spyro The Dragon

51. Assassin's Creed IV & Flying Hamster stream (Shockfactor22 & Jessicayskull streamed)

52. Shockfactor22 streamed more Assassin's Creed IV

53. Automatoncreature streamed Skylanders Swap Force

Day 6 - Bonus Day

54. Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed Rayman 3

55. Pondothemad streamed Infamous Second Son

56. Ratchet & Clank 3 Versus (RC3000 VS Automatoncreature VS Jessicayskull) (RC3000 won the Versus)

57. Gamemaster468 streamed more Spyro The Dragon

58. Pondothemad streamed & Finished Infamous Second Son

59. Gamemaster468 streamed more Spyro The Dragon & Beat it

60. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Katamari Forever and ended the event

Interesting Facts about - 5DayGamers6

1. 5DayGamers6 was a PlayStation ONLY event.

2. The charity for this event was Save The Children for the 3rd time, we raised £304 for this event.

3. This marked stream debuts for Retom, Shockfactor22 and Gamemaster468 on his own, he did however stream at 5DayGamers5 in a versus.

4. This event was known for Shadowslayer singing and doing Screamo to many songs.

5. Evildeadfan102,Jessicayskull and Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) are officially the only people to have streamed on all 6 events so far.

6. 5DayGamers6 had Shady & Trikster singing songs as well.

7. This 5daygamers just like Five Day Gaming Charity Marathon and 5DayGamers4 had no Pre stream bringing it to 3 either way.

8. Evildeadfan102 took part in 11 streams on this event making him the winner of most streams once again, Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time) came in 2nd with 9 times. Due to this Evildeadfan102 has now come in 4 times with most streams per event.

9. This event introduced Trikster, Spitting Joe and Retoms co commentary debuts.

10. There was around 60 streams on this event.

11. The bonus day was set to be done differently on this event, it was supposed to be if you got so much per each day but that plan failed and 5DayGamers7 will be back to how it originally was.

12. Shockfactor22's stream debut was in a 2 way stream with Jessicayskull.

13. Mrgameandpie co commentated during Retom's Croc The Legend Of Gobbos Stream.

14. Evildeadfan102 had a glitch happen during the final boss of Lollipop Chainsaw, the final boss got stuck in the background and he had to kill Juliet to restart the boss.

15. The amount of streamers on this event is 15, and the people who streamed were - Evildeadfan102, Lavender Possum (AKA Shyguygamer87 at the time), Jessicayskull, Superconge, Retom, Gamemaster468, Pondothemad, Automatoncreature, RC3000, Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman, Jayfeatherfan12312, Keybearer4, Alex Cox, Blazefur & Shockfactor22.

16. The amount of games that were beat on this event was - 14

17. One thing *SHADY IS ADORABLE* Was a common thing said through 5DayGamers6.


5 thing's This event is known for!

1. Shadowslayer screamo

2. Jayfeatherfan12312 saying Can't Breathe

3. Gamemaster468 changing time

4. Shockfactor22's first stream

5. Shady & Jay's Marriage & Shady Is Adorable


1. Trikster

2. SpittingJoe

3. Retom


1. Keybearer 4 (Dissapeared offline and never came back on)

  • Highest Donation of the event - £70 by Evildeadfan102
  • Amount of donations - 29
  • Date the event took place - 4th April 2014 to 9th April 2014

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