Thursday 9 April 2015

5Daygamers 2014 Christmas Stream!

Day 1

1. Evildeadfan102 streamed Dogs Life

2. Evildeadfan102 streamed Scaler

3. Evildeadfan102 streamed Jak & Daxter The Lost Frontier

4. Evildeadfan102 streamed Pacman & The Ghostly Adventures

5. Evildeadfan102 streamed Sonic The Hedgehog 2

6. Evildeadfan102 streamed Kingdom Hearts 2

7. Evildeadfan102 streamed Crash Wrath Of Cortex

8. Evildeadfan102 streamed Sonic Generations

Day 2

 9. MichaelHRooney streamed Mario & Luigi Superstar Sega

10. Jessicayskull streamed Kingdom Hearts 2

11. Keri Itsuki (Aka Kittykitsune at the time) streamed Harvest Moon Magical Melody

Day 3

12. Pondothemad streamed The Last Of Us

Day 4

13. Pondothemad streamed Dark Souls 2

14. Pondothemad streamed Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Day 5

15. Gamemaster468 streamed Batman Arkham Origins

Day 6

16. Pondothemad streamed more Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Day 7.

17. Gamemaster468 streamed more Batman Arkham Origins

Day 8.

18. Gamemaster468 streamed Little Big Planet 2

Day 9.

19. Jessicayskull streamed more Kingdom Hearts 2

Day 10.

20. Keri Itsuki (Aka Kittykitsune at the time) streamed Kirbys Epic Yarn

Day 11.

21. Evildeadfan102 streamed more Pacman & The Ghostly Adventures

22. Evildeadfan102 streamed more Sonic The Hedgehog 2

23. Evildeadfan102 streamed more Kingdom Hearts 2 to end of the stream

Interesting Facts About Christmas stream 2014

1. This was the 2nd 5daygamers Christmas stream to have happened

2. The event lasted 11 days, unlike the last one, this event seemed less of a success as not many people turned up.

3. There was a total of 6 streamers during this event and they are - Evildeadfan102, Jessicayskull, Keri Itsuki (Aka Kittykitsune at the time), Pondothemad, Gamemaster468 and MichaelHRooney

4. This was MichaelHRooney's stream debut, however sadly he had many issues.

5. Evildeadfan102 streamed 8 different games during day 1 but had to stop after feeling unwell.

6. Just like the first Christmas stream it was not for charity

5 Things This Event Was Known For

1. Been the 2nd Christmas stream

2. Known for not many people showing up

3. Evildeadfan102 streaming 8 games

4. Pondothemad covering many people's streams.

5. Gamemaster468 streaming Batman Arkham Origins


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