Thursday 9 April 2015

Halloween Stream


1. RC3000 streamed Ratchet Gladiator

2. Automatoncreature streamed Hyrule Warriors

Interesting Facts About Halloween Stream

1. There was 3 streams but due to problems, Shockfactor22 streamed on his own channel and because of that it is not put down as a 5daygamers stream

2. No Games were beat

3. This was just for Halloween and for fun

4. RC3000 and Automatoncreature were the only streamers for this event

5. 2 Streams took Place on this event

5 Things This Event Was Known For

1. This event had 2 streams

2. Shockfactor22 streaming on his own channel

3. RC3000

4. Automatoncreature

5. Halloween been the theme

This was a short and simple stream really.

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