Sunday 10 August 2014



1. Tealgamemaster streamed Super Mario Galaxy 2

2. Tealgamemaster streamed Nintendo Land

3. Tealgamemaster streamed Rayman Legends Challenges

4. Jessicayskull streamed Daxter

5. LUIGI'S MANSION VS SPYRO 2 VERSUS - Evittalex Faced Hal Dimond (Evittalex won the versus)

6. Voided Darkness streamed Gex 2

7. PraisedScooter streamed Metroid Prime

8. Voided Darkness streamed Dark Souls

9. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy

Day 1

1. Evildeadfan102 Streamed & Beat Sly Raccoon

2. Lavender Possum (Aka Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed Super Mario World

3. Ratchet & Clank 2 VS Super Metroid - RC3000 faced Brentitis (RC3000 won the versus)

4. Lavender Possum (Aka Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed and finished Super Mario World

5. Tealgamemaster streamed & Beat Spyro The Dragon

6. Automatoncreature streamed Starfox 64

7. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman streamed Super Mario 64

8. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman streamed Kirby 64

9. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman streamed The Binding Of Issac

10. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman streamed Mountain Of Faith

11. Blazefur streamed Uncharted 2

Day 2

12. SONIC ADVENTURE VS KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES VS NEW SUPER LUIGI U - Keri Itsuki (Aka Aquaraine at the time) faced Jayfeatherfan12312 and also faced Lavender Possum (Aka Shyguygamer87 at the time) (Shyguygamer87 won the Versus)

13. RC3000 streamed Ratchet & Clank

14. APE ESCAPE VS SUPER MARIO BROS 3 (Keybearer4 vs Lavender Possum (Aka Shyguygamer87 at the time) (Shyguygamer87 won the Versus)

15. NEW SUPER MARIO BROS U VERSUS - Bikdiponabus vs Glem3 (Bikdiponabus won the race)

16. RATCHET & CLANK ALL 4 ONE VS KIRBYS RETURN TO DREAMLAND - Nsoliveira & Tealgamemaster vs Mrgameandpie (MrGameAndPie won the Versus)

17. PraisedScooter streamed Pokemon Showdown

18. Classic Team Streamed & Beat Donkey Kong Country

19. Silent Mystification Streamed Mario Party 2

20. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman streamed a few games which included (Punch Out, Super Mario World & The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past)

21. Hunter Wiles Streamed Kingdom Hearts 2

22. Blazefur streamed Uncharted 2

23. Evildeadfan102 streamed & beat Ratchet & Clank A Quest For Booty

Day 3
24. RC3000 streamed Ratchet & Clank 3

25. JAK 2 VS SUPER SMASH BRO'S BRAWL (Koolkatgamer VS VoidedDarkness) (Voided Darkness Won the race)

26. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door VERSUS (Bikdiponabus VS Jayfeatherfan12312) (Ended with nobody winning)

27. Blueblazingdemon streamed Ty The Tasmanian Tiger

28. Wariocamicase streamed Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

29. INFAMOUS VS BANJO KAZOOIE (Pondothemad VS Gamemaster468)

30. Keybearer4 streamed Metropolismania

31. Very Maybe streamed Super Mario Sunshine

32. Pondothemad streamed Sly Cooper Thieves In Time

33. Praisedscooter streamed Sonic Generations

34. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess

35. Blazefur streamed Ratchet Gladiator

36. Praised Scooter streamed Rayman Origins

37. Evildeadfan102 Streamed Sly 2

Day 4

38. RATCHET & CLANK Tools Of Destruction VS The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask - Jessicayskull Vs Lottyangel4eva

39. Nsoliveira streamed Ratchet & Clank Q Force

40. Hunter wiles Streamed Mother 3

41. VoidedDarkness Streamed Sonic 3D Blast

42. Yoshiller2 streamed Pikmin 3

43. THE BIG DEBATE - PLAYSTATION (KoolKatGamer & TealGameMaster) VS NINTENDO (White Orbison & Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman) (Team Nintendo won 3 points to 2)

44. Blazefur streamed Sly 3

45. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Super Mario Galaxy

46. Evildeadfan102 streamed Little Big Planet 2

Day 5
47. Jessicayskull streamed Kirbys Epic Yarn

48. VoidedDarkness streamed Sonic The Fighters

49. VoidedDarkness streamed Sly Cooper Thieves In Time

50. Super Smash Bro's Brawl VS Playstation Allstar Battle Royale - PraisedScooter VS RC3000 (RC3000 won the VERSUS)

51. Cyberman65 did a speed run of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

52. PraisedScooter streamed Warioworld

53. TheHipsterPotamus streamed Garry's Mod (And other games)

54. Koolkatgamer streamed New Super Mario Bros Wii

55. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Pokemon Emerald

56. Nightdawnletsplays streamed Mischief Makers

57. The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Versus - Nightdawnletsplays VS Superconge (Nightdawnletsplays won the versus)

Day 6- Bonus Day

58. Jessicayskull streamed Pokepark 2

59. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Build A Bear Workshop

60. Hello Kitty Roller Rescue VERSUS - Evildeadfan102 Vs Keri Itsuki (Aka Aquaraine at the time)  (Aquaraine Won the VERSUS)

61. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Super Mario World

62. 4 GAME VERSUS - Spyro The Dragon VS Sly 2 VS Sonic Adventure vs Super Mario World (Automatoncreature VS Evildeadfan102 VS Keri Itsuki (Aka Aquaraine at the time)  Vs Jayfeatherfan12312)

63. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Super Mario Bros 3

64. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity

65. 4 GAME VERSUS - Gex 2 Vs Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time Vs Super Mario 64 Vs Kirbys Epic Yarn (VoidedDarkness vs Nsoliveira Vs Wiredwicky VS Jayfeatherfan12312)

66. Automatoncreature streamed Sly Cooper Thieves In Time

67. Jayfeatherfan12312 streamed Rhythm Heaven Fever

68. Classic Team streamed Klown in Crazy Chase

69. Classic Team streamed Glover

70. Classic Team streamed Croc Legend Of The Gobbos

71. Classic Team streamed Warioland4

72. Classic Team streamed Crash Team Racing

73. Classic Team streamed Mario Kart Wii

74. Koolkatgamer streamed Pikmin 2 (Blind)

75. Classic team streamed Donkey Kong Country

76. Lavender Possum (Aka Shyguygamer87 at the time) streamed Uncharted Drakes Fortune (Blind)

77. 2 Game VERSUS - Super Mario World VS Sly 2 Band Of Thieves - (Nightdawnletsplays Vs Koolkatgamer)

78. Evildeadfan102 streamed Singstar in a Banana Costume to end the event.

Interesting Facts about - 5DayGamers5

1. 5DayGamers5 was known for having the theme of PlayStation VS Nintendo

2. The charity for this event was Breast Cancer Campaign, we raised £655 for this event. This event still is the most successful event with donations to date.

3. This marked the stream debuts of at least 15 new people which included Jayfeatherfan12312, Blazefur, Pondothemad, Gamemaster468, TheHipsterpotamus and also some big name youtuber's did streams for this event including Bikdiponabus, Yoshiller2, Glem3, Silent Mystification and many others

4. Although we had like 18 new members just about most of them were for only this stream and have left the 5daygamers.

5. Evildeadfan102,Jessicayskull and Lavender Possum (Aka Shyguygamer87 at the time) are officially the only people to have streamed on all 5 events so far.

6. 5Daygamers5 had a points board that in the end made Playstation win.

7. This 5daygamers brought back the pre stream which wasn't in the 4th event.

8. Evildeadfan102 took part in 6 streams on this event, not many compared to usual but there was way more streamers this time around, the winner of who streamed the most for 5daygamers5 was Jayfeatherfan12312 with 13 streams .

9. This event had quizzes that someone on the team they are representing would ask people and they would get points for getting questions correct, 60 questions were given for each team

10. There was around 78 streams on this event.

11. This event has the highest donation in 5daygamers history.

12. This event has the most promo videos made to date with 25 different and awesome promos.

13. This is Nsoliveiras final 5daygamers, it is sad but its true.

14. Nightdawnletsplays got tons of Japanese people to watch this in a big room, he also got a 5daygamers billboard which was awesome.

15. 5daygamers5 was wiredwickys final stream, his final stream was in the 4 person versus.

16. The amount of streamers on this event is 36, and the people who streamed were - Tealgamemaster, Jessicayskull, Evittalex, Hal Dimond, Voided Darkness, Praised Scooter, Jayfeatherfan12312, Evildeadfan102, Lavender Possum (Aka Shyguygamer87 at the time), Keri Itsuki (Aka Aquaraine at the time), RC3000, Brentitis, Automatoncreature, Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman, Blazefur, Keybearer4, Bikdiponabus, Glem 3, Nsoliveira, Mrgameandpie, Classicteam,Silent mystification, Hunter Wiles, Koolkatgamer, Blueblazingdemon, Wariocamicase, Pondothemad, Gamemaster468, Verymaybe,Lottyangel4eva,Yoshiller2,Cyberman65, TheHipsterpotamus, Nightdawnletsplays,Superconge and Wiredwicky)

17. The amount of games that were beat on this event was - 10


5 thing's This event is known for!

1. The most successful event to date as we raised £655.

2. This event is known for Playstation VS Nintendo

3. Nightdawnletsplays getting tons of Japanese to watch 5DayGamers in a room

4. People swapping times all the time

5. Points System


1. Blazefur

2. Jayfeatherfan12312

3. PondoTheMad

4. Bikdiponabus

5. Silent Mystification

6. Glem3

7. Blueblazingdemon

8. Classic Team

9. Brentitis

10. Praisedscooter

11. Cyberman65

12. Koolkatgamer

13. Hal Dimond

14. Evittalex

15. Voideddarkness

16. Very Maybe

17. WarioCamicase

18. Yoshiller2

19. Shadowslayer

20. Thehipsterpotamus


1. Nsoliveira (Sadly this was Nsoliveira's final event he appeared at)

2. Nightdawnletsplays 

3. Very Maybe 

4. Voideddarkness

5. Yoshiller2 

6. Glem3 

7. Silent Mystification 

8. Bikdiponabus

9. Cyberman65 

10. Koolkatgamer 

11. Praisedscooter

12. Hunter Wiles

  • Highest Donation of the event - £79 by Mr Color
  • Amount of donations - 72
  • Date the event took place - 1st August 2013 to 8th August 2013

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