Sunday, 10 August 2014


Pre Stream

1. Daxtermaster2 streamed Secret Agent Clank

2. Evildeadfan102 Streamed The Legend Of Zelda Windwaker

3. Keybearer4 streamed Psychonauts

4. Shyguygamer87 streamed Donkey Kong Country

Day 1
1. Evildeadfan102 Streamed & Beat Sly Raccoon

2. Jessicayskull streamed The Legend Of Zelda Windwaker

3. Nsoliveira streamed & Beat Super Mario 64

4. Longhairgaming Streamed & Finished Ratchet & Clank 1 (He started back on the original event)

5. ECWCWWE streamed & beat Ratchet & Clank 2

Day 2
6. Evildeadfan102 streamed Sly 2 (Was Later finished on a 1 day September Stream)

7. Nsoliveira streamed & Beat Crash Bandicoot

8. RC3000 streamed Kingdom Hearts 2 (Known for the famous moment with Tealgamemaster singing the Egg Song)

9. Nsoliveira streamed & Beat Crash 2

10. Jessicayskull streamed Rayman 1

11. Evildeadfan102 streamed Gift

12. Evildeadfan102 streamed Jinx

13. ECWCWWE streamed Ratchet & Clank 3 Challenge mode and Beat it

14. ECWCWWE streamed The Binding Of Issac

Day 3
15. Shyguygamer87 streamed and beat Rayman 2

16. Nsoliveira streamed & Beat Crash 3 Warped

17. Evildeadfan102 & Jessicayskull had a Staring contest (Evildeadfan102 won 4 times and Jessicayskull won 0 times)

18. Shyguygamer87 streamed Crash Wrath Of Cortex

19. Evildeadfan102 streamed and Beat Rayman 3

20. Longhairgaming streamed Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets PS2

21. KuramaCuntrysongandmegaman streamed The Megaman Collection (He beat Megaman 1 & 2)

Day 4
22. Evildeadfan102 streamed Sly 3

23. Shyguygamer87 streamed more Crash Wrath Of Cortex

24. RC3000 streamed more Kingdom Hearts 2

25. Evildeadfan102 streamed more Sly 3

26. Shyguygamer87 Finished Crash Wrath Of Cortex

27. Evildeadfan102 finished Sly 3

28. Shyguygamer87 streamed and Beat Sonic The Hedgehog

29. Keybearer4 streamed more Psychonauts

30. Keybearer4 streamed some random games that included The Binding Of Issac, Team Fortress 2 and other games i don't know the name of.

Day 5
31. Evildeadfan102 streamed & Finished Jak 3

32. Shyguygamer87 Streamed & Beat Sonic The Hedgehog 2

33. Jessicayskull streamed Kirbys Adventure Wii (Return To Dreamland)

34. Shyguygamer87 streamed Sonic The Hedgehog 3

35. Jessicayskull streamed more Kirbys Adventure Wii (Return To Dreamland) (Later was beat on the September stream)

36. Shyguygamer87 streamed & Finished Sonic The Hedgehog 3

37. Shyguygamer87 streamed Sonic 06

38. Longhairgaming streamed Bully

39. ECWCWWE streamed & beat Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy

Day 6 - Bonus Day
40. Shyguygamer87 streamed Portal 2 & Beat It

41. Casper Cam

42. Shyguygamer87 streamed Super Mario Bros 3

43. RC3000 streamed & Finished Kingdom Hearts 2

44. Longhairgaming streamed & Finished Bully

45. Casper Cam 2

46. Nsoliveira Streamed Super Paper Mario

47. KuramaCuntrySongAndMegaman Streamed Banjo Kazooie

48. KuramaCuntrySongAndMegaman Streamed Battle Toads

49. Shyguygamer87 streamed Super Mario World

50. Keybearer4 streamed more Psychonauts

51. Alex Cox Streamed Chameleon Twist

52. Kurama Cuntrysongandmegaman streamed More Megaman Collection

53. Edward Pines Streamed Ratchet & Clank 3

54. The Final Hour Countdown

Interesting Facts about - 5DayGamers2
1. This was the first event that changed Five Day Gaming Charity Marathon to 5DayGamers making it way easier to say.

2. The charity for this event was Save The Children, we raised £350 for this event.

3. This marked RC3000 & Nsoliveira's stream debuts, it also introduced Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman,Keybearer4 and Edward Pines Stream debuts aswell.

4. This was the first event to use TwitchTV instead of Ustream.

5. This event brought in two new features to 5daygamers, firstly it added a Pre stream making 6 days and also added a Bonus Day if we get to a specific amount of donations which we did (Twice infact). So in all it marked the start of Pre Stream & Bonus Day.

6. This event was known for singing, infact every day people sang something which includes the most famous song on this event Tealgamemaster singing the Egg Song, it also had many other interesting songs in the making and can almost be called 5Daygamers2 the Musical.

7. Jessicayskull wasn't the only girl to co commentate this time, Shadyrandomlol joined 5DayGamers as a co commentator, so there was now 2 females in 5daygamers.

8. Evildeadfan102 took part in 10 streams on this event, however Shyguygamer87 did more streams with 13, making him the winner on this event.

9. This event is known for TealGameMaster singing the Egg Song.

10. There was over 55 streams on this event.

11. 5Daygamers2 also was the first event that introduced prizes to 5daygamers, prizes included Sonic Hat and a Japanese Ratchet & Clank 2.

12. To get the bonus day we had to get to £200, we got there and then it was changed to £300 and we beat that, so we got the goal 2 times on this event, and to this date the only 5Daygamers where we raised the bonus day goal again.

13. This was the first event where Shyguygamer87 was called Shyguygamer87, the first event he was named LazlowXP.

14. During the bonus day Edward Pines attempted to stream on 5Daygamers while Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman was already streaming, it didn't go very well.

15. During Longhairgaming's Ratchet & Clank stream a young girl talked on the call and it was funny.

16. Evildeadfan102 had a weird glitch happen during Sly 2 where Carmalita was in the air constantly jumping, then on day 4 when Evildeadfan102 streamed Sly 3 he had another glitch this time where Carmalita went really far into the ground to be eaten, it was rather entertaining.

17. Matthew Stagg helped Evildeadfan102 co commentate during Sly Raccoon which was the first stream, this was also his last time co commentating for 5DayGamers, he just disappeared and hasn't been in contact with Evildeadfan102 since.

18. Jessicayskull took about 1 hour to search for the first boss key in The Legend Of Zelda Windwaker and by the time she found the key her stream was over, she then faced the boss at the September stream.

19. The prestream was famous for Evildeadfan102 walking backwards during the Legend Of Zelda Windwaker stream.

20. There was a total of 12 streamers on this event and they were Daxtermaster2, Evildeadfan102, Keybearer4, Shyguygamer87, Jessicayskull, Nsoliveira, Longhairgaming,ECWCWWE, RC3000, Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman, Alex Cox and Edward Pines

21. The amount of games that were beat on this event was - 22
5 thing's This event is known for!
1. Tealgamemaster Singing the Egg Song

2. Been the best 5DayGamers event with donations until 5DayGamers5 in which we doubled what we raised on this event.

3. White Orbisons Left Butt Cheek wiki

4. First event to stream on Twitch instead of Ustream

5. Introducing The Pre Stream & Bonus Day


1. TealGamemaster

2. Kuramacuntrysongandmegaman

3. Wiredwicky

4. Edward Pines

5. ShadyrandomLOL

6. MichaelHRooney

7. Gamemaster468

8. MegamanNG


1. Daxtermaster2 (Not 100% sure)

2. Matthew Stagg

3. ECWCWWE as a streamer (He did return to co commentate during 5DayGamers5)

4. Amounx

  • Highest Donation of the event - £60 by Anonymous
  • Amount of donations - 42
  • Date the event took place - August 3rd 2012 to August 9th 2012

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