Saturday, 24 October 2020

5daygamers 2018 Christmas Stream

 DAY 1

1. Xindictive streamed & beat both Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back & Bubsy 3D

2. Evildeadfan102 streamed Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist Of The Mysterious Book

3. Lavender Possum (Aka Shaun Possum Plays at the time) streamed Spyro 2 Reiginted Trilogy

4. GamebustersUK streamed Batman: Arkham Origins

5. Eccentrigamer streamed Overwatch 

6. TBSonic0895 streamed Super Mario Odyssey

7. Endiku streamed WWE 2K19

8. Endiku streamed Megaman X5

9. Xstarstream streamed Overwatch & BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle


10. Evildeadfan102 streamed more Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist Of The Mysterious Book

11. Lavender Possum (Aka Shaun Possum Plays at the time) streamed more Spyro 2 Reiginted Trilogy

12. Lottyangel4eva streamed Shantae: Risky's revenge

13. GamebustersUK streamed more Batman: Arkham Origins

14. Tysonworldofgames streamed Rainbow Six: Siege

15. Tysonworldofgames streamed BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

16. Endiku streamed more Megaman X5

17. Endiku streamed more WWE 2K19

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT 5DayGamers 2018 Christmas Stream

1. 5daygamers 2018 Christmas stream had a total of 2 day's.

2. This was the first side event that was for charity. The charity for this side event was The salvation Army. We raised £100.

3. Xstarstream made her debut on this event. I have no idea if she will appear again.

4. TBSonic0895 returned for this event. He was absent for 5daygamers13.

5. The amount of streamers at this event was 10 and they were - Xindictive, Evildeadfan102, Lavender Possum (Aka Shaun Possum Plays at the time), GamebustersUK, Eccentrigamer, TBSonic0895, Endiku, Xstarstream, Lottyangel4eva & Tysonworldofgames.

6. Endiku once again streamed the most times.

5 Things This Event Was Known For!

1. First side event to raise money for charity

2. Xstarstream's debut

3. This is the 3rd christmas stream for 5daygamers

4. TBSonic0895's return

5. This was the final event for some time. After this 5daygamers went on a long hiatus. Over a year.

First Appearance Of!

1. Xstarstream

Highest Donation Of The Event  £30 by Xindictive

Amount Of Donations -   8
Date The Event Took Place - December 2018. Not sure on date.

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