Monday, 28 July 2014

Day 5

 Day 5 - 15th August

Person PlayingDay/Time

Friday 15th August

12pm -3pm UK Time
 7am - 10am EST Time
6am - 9am CST Time
      4am - 7am PST Time
Abe's Oddysee: New N Tasty


3pm - 4pm UK Time

10am - 11am EST Time
 9am - 10am CST Time
7am - 8am PST Time

Mario Kart 8


4pm - 6pm UK Time
 11am - 1pm EST Time
10am - 12pm CST Time
8am - 10am PST Time

Ratchet and Clank 2


6pm - 8pm UK Time
 11pm - 3pm EST Time 
12pm - 2pm CST Time
10am - 12pm PST Time



Sleeping Dogs
EDF's Vote
Poll Stream

8pm - 12am UK Time 
3pm - 7pm EST Time 
2pm - 6pm CST Time
12pm - 4pm PST Time


12am - 4am UK Time
 7pm - 11pm EST Time
6pm - 10pm CST Time
4pm - 8pm PST Time
Beautiful Katamari

Kurama Cuntrysongandpascal

4am - 7am UK Time
11pm - 2am EST Time
10pm - 1am CST Time
 8pm - 11pm PST Time

a game

7am - 10am UK Time
 2am - 5am EST Time
 1am - 4am CST Time
 11pm - 2am PST Time

Abe's Oddysee: New n' Tasty

 10am - 11am UK Time
 5am - 6am EST Time 
 4am - 5am CST Time
 2am - 3am PST Time

Super Mario Galaxy


11am - 11:30am UK Time 
6am - 6:30am EST Time
 5am - 5:30am CST Time
3am - 3:30am PST Time
Ratchet and Clank 2


   11:30am - 12pm UK Time

 6:30am - 7am EST Time

5:30am - 6am CST Time
 3:30am - 4am PST Time


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